Thursday, August 2, 2012


As I lay in bed, willing myself to fall asleep, I am experiencing a moment of perfection. My husband sleeping beside me, Gunner panting in his sleep at the foot of the bed, and my sweet Addie sighing soft baby sighs in her bed next to me, life feels complete. In this moment, I have all that I could hope for.

First Time Blogger...

I read so many inspirational blogs, and I am so moved by the bloggers that I follow. They have inspired me to start this blog, and even if no one reads my words, just knowing that they are out there seems very therapeutic. Not that I feel like I need a therapeutic release, because my life is pretty incredible right now. But there will be rough days ahead with Brandon gone, and there will be amazing and wonderful days that I will wish to share with my beautiful baby girl. There are photos that I want to share with the world, and many more to come. So here is the start of a hopeful new journey for me. And a photo of my best girl, for good measure :)