Friday, May 17, 2013


I love taking pictures. Anyone who knows me can tell you that. Or, if you have seen any of my other posts, my Facebook page, my Instagram, or my iPad. 
Hey, that's a fact Jack! 
So why on earth have I been neglecting my camera? I guess it started when my husband let me use his. 
He's a Nikon guy, I love Canon. He has been telling me since we were dating that his camera is better than mine. After two years together, he somehow convinced me to start using his. And let me tell you, it's a very nice camera. I guess it's too nice. For some reason, I could NOT get it to work for me. It just doesn't capture the shot I am working for the way my Canon does. In my frustration with that camera, I somehow came to the subconscious conclusion that I need to stop using cameras and just use my phone instead...for almost 6 months. For the most part, that has worked out for me. But last night, as I'm sitting in bed at 2:30 am with Silas, downloading multiple photo editing apps, it hit me. Why don't I just use my camera like I used to? I'm all for editing a shot to make it perfect, but for many years, my trusty steed of a camera has helped me capture the perfect shot. I've rarely had to edit photos with it, and most of my favorite pictures are unedited and look 110% professional. 
So I dug it out of our kitchen drawer today. The battery was almost dead, so I could only squeeze in a couple of shots before it died. But I have fallen back in love. I did not edit the quality on any of the photos in today's blog. The only editing I did was adding doodles from my ABeautifulMess app. So if you are already sick of seeing pictures of my kids, look away children-turn a blind eye, because these posts are about to get real photo heavy, real quick. 

Yay for great cameras and cute babies! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I love love LOVE the new app abeautifulmess!! It is SO much fun! I am completely addicted! Like, on par with my love of coffee, addicted. In fact, the two go perfectly together. 
Ooooo, I'm trendy! 
If it wasn't for my resposibilities(darn kids), I'd play on it all day! It's only a iPhone/iPad/iWhatever app so far, which made me sad since I have an android phone, but I still paid the whopping $.99 for it on my iPad. 
Ya know, they should pay me for this plug. Or give me all the in-app add ons for free. Just a suggestion... *hint hint, wink wink abeautifulmess!*

My poor child is trying to give herself brain damage. Her new love of climbing on the couch is some risky business. She tried climbing onto it from her red chair, over the arms of both, and due to her toddler/ninja reflexes, rolled right off and onto the floor. She seemed fine, for about two seconds, and then the screaming started. I thought she bashed her skull in, broke a rib, full on internal bleeding, my mommy imagination was in full swing.....she bit her tongue. While it may not seem like a bad injury to us adult folk, it was her first tongue boo-boo, and it was a doozy. I raced to find an ice pack, only to remember,I have none. What kind of mom doesn't have an ice pack? Luckily, I have a multitude of frozen teethers, and that seemed to do the trick. 
Not even ten minutes later, there she was, on the couch again. 
This time she was stealing daddy's phone charger and medication off of the table behind the couch.
 Now Addie has a special dance she does when she is nervous, when you say "I'm gonna get you!", and when she's caught red handed doing something she is not supposed to. She curls her head and arms into her body, like she's making an Addie ball, and then starts laughing and bouncing. 
Well, she got caught and as I'm telling her to drop the pills, she does the dance. Which, from the position she was standing in on the couch, meant one thing....face bash into the back of the couch. Now, this is a solid piece of furniture. No ikea couch here, this is the real deal. Her poor little nose took the brunt of the violence. Needless to say, there was more screaming, and lots of snuggles. And like a true mean mommy, I still took the pills away. What a jerk. 

So now my sweet little angel has an injured tongue, and a bruised nose, and yet, no fear of the couch. She's still climbing up it every chance she gets. And she brings her toys and bottle with her, like she's staying for the weekend or something.
 But I can't get mad at her sweet little face, so I'm stuck doing my best to keep her off it, and catch her when she falls. Hopefully she learns a new, and immensely LESS dangerous trick, very very soon.


Today has just been one of those days.... The kind of day when someone asks how you are doing, you say "Living." It's not a horrible day, but it's less than awesome. The kind where everything is slightly too much, just less than enough, or a little too crispy. 
Such as a stinker-butt toddler, who has learned to climb the couch, and now insists on stealing the electronics, eating any hidden or previously out of reach mommy snacks, and destroying mommy's cup, spilling it's contents, and taking the straw.

Or a grumpy baby boy who simply WILL NOT SLEEP! Seriously! This kid has been up for hours! Now he's keeping daddy up later than he should be, and heck, mom would like to sleep once in a while too. He's just being a fussy little cranky-pants. At least he's fun to look at. :) 

But in the middle of all of it, there is still some "just right" thrown in. 

Like a sweet snuggly puppy.

Or a variety of snack-time emotions.

And getting to fall asleep next to my husband with a squirmy baby on my chest isn't too bad either. Hopefully tomorrow is full of more just rights, and a lot more living. <3 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's been a while...

So much has changed since I started this blog! Where to begin? 

About a week after my last post, we found out we were expecting again. 

The day after we found out our joyous news, we also found out some devastating news. We were told on August 17th that Brandon was deploying to Afghanistan on August 27th. His deployment was harder than I ever expected. Thankfully, it was only a partial deployment, and we got him back 3 months later. 

Addie and were so happy to have him home! About a week later, we found out we were having a boy! 

We got a visit from Grand-daddy-dubs for Christmas, and we flew out to see most of the rest of our family in Colorado shortly after. Over the next few months, we adjusted to life as a family of 3 and made way for baby. 

On April 3 Silas Andrew Warren made his debut.

Now we are a happy family of 4! Things get chaotic and crazy with 2 babies, 2 dogs, and a horde of cats(ok, just 2 but it feels like a horde), but we love our busy home. Hopefully this blog entertains anyone who reads it. I'm not a great writer, but I hope it's readable. If not, oh well, at least there are pictures. :) 

If you are looking for more entertainment, check out my hilarious cousins blog

And check out my sisters blog
She's a great aunt, and an awesome sister, and a lot of my posts will probably be about her, or aimed at her. 
 Thanks for stopping by!