Friday, May 17, 2013


I love taking pictures. Anyone who knows me can tell you that. Or, if you have seen any of my other posts, my Facebook page, my Instagram, or my iPad. 
Hey, that's a fact Jack! 
So why on earth have I been neglecting my camera? I guess it started when my husband let me use his. 
He's a Nikon guy, I love Canon. He has been telling me since we were dating that his camera is better than mine. After two years together, he somehow convinced me to start using his. And let me tell you, it's a very nice camera. I guess it's too nice. For some reason, I could NOT get it to work for me. It just doesn't capture the shot I am working for the way my Canon does. In my frustration with that camera, I somehow came to the subconscious conclusion that I need to stop using cameras and just use my phone instead...for almost 6 months. For the most part, that has worked out for me. But last night, as I'm sitting in bed at 2:30 am with Silas, downloading multiple photo editing apps, it hit me. Why don't I just use my camera like I used to? I'm all for editing a shot to make it perfect, but for many years, my trusty steed of a camera has helped me capture the perfect shot. I've rarely had to edit photos with it, and most of my favorite pictures are unedited and look 110% professional. 
So I dug it out of our kitchen drawer today. The battery was almost dead, so I could only squeeze in a couple of shots before it died. But I have fallen back in love. I did not edit the quality on any of the photos in today's blog. The only editing I did was adding doodles from my ABeautifulMess app. So if you are already sick of seeing pictures of my kids, look away children-turn a blind eye, because these posts are about to get real photo heavy, real quick. 

Yay for great cameras and cute babies! 

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