Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Today has just been one of those days.... The kind of day when someone asks how you are doing, you say "Living." It's not a horrible day, but it's less than awesome. The kind where everything is slightly too much, just less than enough, or a little too crispy. 
Such as a stinker-butt toddler, who has learned to climb the couch, and now insists on stealing the electronics, eating any hidden or previously out of reach mommy snacks, and destroying mommy's cup, spilling it's contents, and taking the straw.

Or a grumpy baby boy who simply WILL NOT SLEEP! Seriously! This kid has been up for hours! Now he's keeping daddy up later than he should be, and heck, mom would like to sleep once in a while too. He's just being a fussy little cranky-pants. At least he's fun to look at. :) 

But in the middle of all of it, there is still some "just right" thrown in. 

Like a sweet snuggly puppy.

Or a variety of snack-time emotions.

And getting to fall asleep next to my husband with a squirmy baby on my chest isn't too bad either. Hopefully tomorrow is full of more just rights, and a lot more living. <3 

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