Thursday, June 6, 2013

2 months

I can NOT believe my little baby is already 2 months old!!! Where did the time go?!?! 
Some days it feels like he was squirming in my tummy yesterday, and other days it feels as if I've held him in my arms all my life. And some nights it feels like I haven't slept in 40 years....
The last 2 months have been a whirlwind of craziness and love. We've had visits from Grandma and Grandpa Sheeley, Aunt Breezi, and Aunt Melissa. 
We love family.
My little chunk weighs 12lbs 9oz now, which seems huge to me, but then I think back to his sister....
...who was a little chunkier. She was over 13lbs at this age.

In other news.......
We are currently trying to eat healthier, which with my love of hot Cheetos, isn't going so well. But we are trying. So in an effort to eat better, I made some amazing Brussels sprouts. 
Yes, they are covered in bacon, but we are eating veggies, so it counts. Brandon even loved them, and he hates Brussels sprouts. We are also using natural diapers, coconut oil(which if you have not discovered this miracle oil, go buy some, seriously, right now) and switching to all natural baby products. Once we get this diet on track, we will be one healthy, crunchy family. 


  1. I hate brussel sprouts too, but those ones look yummy!

  2. They were so yummy! It's just bacon, Brussels sprouts, white wine, coconut oil, and some basic spices like salt, pepper, onion, and garlic. Pop it in the oven till the sprouts are slightly brown, and BAM! Deliciousness.