Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

Happy Father's Day! 
Last year was Brandon's first Father's Day, and unfortunately, he didn't get to spend it with Addie because he was away at training. So this year, I was very excited that he got to spend the day with his kiddos. 
We had a fairly lazy day, as we are wont to do on weekends, and it was very enjoyable. I used our waffle iron for the first time, and made some yummy waffles. In hindsight, I shouldn't have put syrup on Addie's, or maybe I should have fed her with a fork, but she enjoyed them. We watched some of one of our favorite shows, The Office, and had lots of babies on the laps time. I ordered 2 presents from each of the kids to Brandon, and due to my awesome procrastination skills, only 1 of Silas's was here in time, and his second one and Addie's 2 should be here this week. Fail. 
Brandon slow cooked a delicious chicken for dinner, and a great day was had by all. I cannot wait for the Father's Days in the future, where the kids hand make presents, and excitedly wait for daddy to open them. It makes my heart happy to think of what the future holds. 
This weekend we also did lots of adorable tummy time.
This kid has a smolder that'll melt your heart.
And then his head got tired.
Addie watched us from above.
Mmmmm, cheese! 
But Silas wasn't done being cute just yet. 
Then he gently let me know that it was time to eat. 
I love that grumpy old man face. 
Addie let me do her hair! I try all the time, but without fail, she destroys my work in a matter of seconds, if she even lets me finish combing it. So today, I was ecstatic when she not only let me finish putting her hair up, but left it in long enough to show daddy and take some pictures.  
All of her attention was immediately focused on her best friend, Gunner. 
Daddy was able to get her to hold still, only by showing her a video starring her favorite actress, herself! 
Gunner quickly regained his buddy. 
"Kitty, are you in there?"
"Gotcha Gunner! Now you can never escape!"
And more running.....
Then she got tired of chasing the dog, and tired of her hair-do. She crawled into daddy's lap and oh so subtly hinted at what movie she wanted to watch. 
 And of course, daddy couldn't say no to his princess. I love this girl! 


  1. This is Chelsea the second! She does have an overload of cute. We love that. Silas is changing so much. A second overload of cute. Such precious moments being made into memories.

  2. Look at that boy! Too cute! I miss them babies.

  3. Awe!!! Your babies, they kill me with cuteness! Addie has good taste in movies! You can't beat Tangled!!! Hope you don't mind, but I have to save that pic of Silas's smolder. lol