Monday, June 10, 2013


We had a lazy weekend. 
And by lazy, I mean LAZY! Like the kind of weekend where you do nothing at all, and by the time 4pm rolls around, you realize the whole family is still in p.j.s, and that "walk to the park" you planned and the "dishes" and "laundry" you wanted to do, are nothing but a pipe-dream. The only thing we accomplished was a last minute trip to the store tonight, because we were out of food, and when you have little tummies to feed, food is kind of important. Other than that, we didn't do much. 
But we had some pretty epic naps.

Speaking of naps....
Addie has decided that she is now a one-nap-a-day kind of gal. Throw in some new teeth coming out, and it makes one cranky baby! So we have a long nap in the morning (which we are trying to move to a later time), and some quiet (or not so quiet) crib time in the afternoon. She usually spends this time "reading", entertaining her stuffed koala, or emptying her crib of all of its contents. Which keeps her happy and contained for about 45 minutes, and then the screaming begins. 
So today, thinking I was being productive and creative, decided to try my hand at military fade haircuts while she was having quiet time. I had the right tools and YouTube on my side, so how hard could it be? This could save us many trips to the PX and many dollars, plus Brandon looks really really really good with a fade, so I was all in.
 Let's just say it turned out like more of a "bowl cut done by a blind 4 year old" than an actual haircut, and leave it at that. 
My poor husband. 
He was very cavalier about the whole thing, and patiently sat still while I shaved all of my hard work, and all of his hair, completely off. All the while, Addie was chatting up a storm. And as I cleaned up my mess, it got quiet. Too quiet. Anyone who has ever been around a toddler knows what that kind of quiet means. Trouble. With a capital T. 
*Back story!*
The baby room gets hot during the day. Really hot. It has an east facing window, so as soon as the sun comes up, the temperature in that room rises. We have blinds, blackout curtains, and a fan set up, but it still gets pretty warm. So for nap-times, usually Addie is in a onsie to sleep, or sometimes just a diaper. Since she spent all day in her warm fuzzy jammies, I put her down in a diaper. 
*Return to story*
I think anyone with any child rearing experience knows where this is going. The silence made me suspicious, so I pulled up her image on our fancy-schmancy video monitor. I had to do a double take. What is that white thing she's throwing over the rails? No.... it cant be! Wait, are those buttcheeks?!?! Sure enough...

There was Addie, in all of her naked glory. And she was darned proud of herself too.
Clearly, quiet time was over. 
In leu of a nap, she decided to dole out some daddy snuggles.

While they snuggled, Silas played.
And made some seriously silly faces. 
He also had some amazingly wonderful smiles to share. 
And surrounded by all of this cuteness, I sat in my corner of the couch, pretending to be jealous, but feeling incredibly blessed.
 I love lazy weekends. 



  1. Awesome! I love the way you tell a story along with your beautiful pictures! Of course I love your subject matter too. Great work Chelsea! Your G'ma is very proud of you